Why Squirrels are a Pest for Bird Lovers


Squirrels might seem like adorable little critters, but they are a serious pest for those looking to attract lots of birds to their yard.

Hanging up a bird feeder should almost guarantee regular visits from birds, but just one rogue squirrel can put a stop to these visits immediately. Regular bird feeders simply can’t cope with squirrels in the same ways that the PestOff Bird Feeder can, for a number of important reasons…

They Aren’t Strong

Most bird feeders aren’t built to support the weight of a squirrel, as they’ve instead only been designed to support the slight frames of smaller birds. Too much weight can simply cause them to fall apart, leading to you having to replace them. It isn’t just squirrels that do this, but also other rodents, as well as larger birds, such as Grackles, Jays and pigeons. The PestOff Bird Feeder is designed to support large weights though, meaning it will stay working for years.

Squirrels are Thieves

Squirrels have absolutely no idea that the food in a bird feeder isn’t for them, so instead see a free lunch when they see a feeder. They’ll break-in, pilfering the tasty morsels and leaving nothing for the other birds in the area – which will cause these birds to head elsewhere, and abandon your garden. The PestOff Bird Feeder has an innovative design though, which ensures that squirrels have no access to the food inside. The result? They’ll soon get bored and attack someone else’s bird feeder instead…


Just because a squirrel can’t get to the food, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try absolutely everything to do so. With their sharp teeth, they’ll almost certainly gnaw away at the outer casing and, when it comes to brands other than PestOff, they’ll usually succeed in eventually breaking in. PestOff uses anti-gnaw plates though, which are built to withstand the potentially damaging effects of squirrels chewing on them, leading to frustrated squirrels and extremely happy homeowners!


So, it is clear that every bird-lover needs to have a PestOff Bird Feeder in their yard, as it’s the best way to ensure that food goes where it is supposed to go – into the mouths of hungry birds. It will protect against squirrels, and it will also protect against creatures such as rats and chipmunks, whilst also allowing birds to feed easily. The result should be a yard full of bird song!

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  • James Wright