How to Get Some Sleep On Your Next Flight


Let’s face it: plane journeys can sometimes be really boring. This means that often the only thing you can do to pass the time is shut your eyes, and grab some much needed rest before the plane lands.

The problem is simple though, as often it is almost impossible to get to sleep while flying, thanks to many factors. These can include noisy kids, uncomfortable seats, and incessant interruptions by cabin crew members, asking if you’d like another drink. There are some ways to get that sleep you crave so much though, and we’ve listed a few of them below…

Travel Pillow

There aren’t many seats more uncomfortable than those found on airlines, especially if you aren’t lucky enough to have a place in business class. Getting your head comfortably resting against the seat is perhaps the most difficult job of all, but this can be helped by bringing a travel pillow onto the flight with you. It won’t drown out the noise, but it will at least mean you don’t constantly shuffle around, having to contort your body into a comfortable position.

Eye Mask

Now that a travel pillow has sorted your problems with comfort, you can get rid of those often bright lights found on planes. The simple solution to these lights is an eye mask, however the ones that airlines provide free of charge are usually pretty poor quality. Instead, buy a decent eye mask before you board the plane, so that all the light is completely blocked out.

Ear Plugs

Airplanes are noisy places, with screaming kids, loud tannoys and passengers who insist on talking at the top of their voices. A decent set of ear plugs will remove this noise though, allowing you to drift off to sleep. If you prefer, you can use headphones and play some of your favorite music instead. If you choose the latter option, don’t forget to charge your iPod before you leave home though!

Don’t Drink Alcohol

It’s always tempting to drink one or two of those small bottles of alcohol when on a plane, but it is a bad idea if you want to get to sleep. You might think that alcohol will send you off into a nice sleep, but it won’t. Instead, you’ll have a poor quality of sleep (if you manage to get to sleep at all), and are likely to feel pretty groggy for much of the journey.


So, there are a few ways you can get some sleep on your next flight. Hopefully when you land, you’ll feel a bit more awake – and a lot happier – than you usually do!

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  • James Wright