Home2yard Offers a Wide Array of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders at Great Prices


Home2yard Offers a Wide Array of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders at Great Prices

Canton, USA – May 20, 2015. Home2yard, an online store for unique and innovative products has come up with a wide array of bird feeders to stop squirrels & large birds stealing your precious bird food.

These squirrel proof bird feeders allow birds to enjoy their food while resisting squirrels and larger birds & rats from enjoying free meal in the bird feeder. It has spring loaded feeding ports that shut when larger birds like pigeons, jackdaws and magpies, rats and squirrels.

Pest off squirrel proof bird feeder is capable of resisting squirrels & large birds from stealing bird food. These bird feeders are adorned with a variety of features, which makes it one of the best bird feeders available in the market.

With its inbuilt rain guard above seed ports, this bird feeder is able to avoid seed clogging. It operates automatically and no settings or adjustments are required. When a large bird, squirrel or rat lands on the perch, its hatch moves downwards and it blocks access to the food. Once the large pest alights from the perch, the perch hatch automatically moves back to its open position to feed the next songbird or to resist the next pest.

Designed in UK, the product is available in three different variants to suit different bird feed types (mixed seed/sunflower heart feeder, Peanut feeder and Nyjer seed feeder variants) and comes with 2 years warranty. With a large 1.2 litre capacity, Roamwild Pest-Off bird feeder has been thoughtfully designed to prevent squirrels & rats access onto the feeder. It has patent pending mechanism, which is automatically pest proof and never needs any sort of adjustment to use it, so no calibration required.

Due to its efficient design and simple use, it is popular with a wide array of different garden bird species. It also comes with a non-seed spill lip feature to prevent seed from easily falling out if bashed by large birds or squirrels. It is made up of tough chew-proof 304 grade stainless steel seed port protection plates to prevent any chewing and pecking damage. It is also rat proof & ring-necked parakeet proof.

Home2Yard offers an amazing range of products sourced to deliver value to customers at very reasonable prices. It is easy to place an online order to buy its products and all products are delivered to the customer’s door at very reasonable charges.

About Home2yard

Based in the USA, Home2Yard specializes in offering a wide range of innovative, unique and user friendly products to its customers throughout the country. From efficiently designed bird feeders to fastest paint rollers to car care products and travel accessories, and brings together only the best quality and valuable products for customers. It carries a wide selection of products with quality assurance. All the products are delivered to customer’s door at very reasonable prices.

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Home2Yard Peoples Cartage Inc 2207 Kimball Road S.E. Canton, OH 44707 USA

Website: www.home2yard.com


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