Japanese Sharksaw - probably the best and easiest hand saw to use in the world!

Product Description

Japanese Sharksaw - Crosscut Pull Saw with 15 inch wood cutting blade

  • Cut melamine and particleboard without chipping the surface
  • Far less effort using a Pullsaw than any other hand saw
  • Light weight and a smooth cut
  • Cut in a straight line with ease
  • Incredibly accurate because the saw can help you cut as thin as 1mm!
  • Blade stays sharp much longer because it is so efficient
  • Cut wood, plastic, chipboard- all with the same saw
  • The Pullsaw does the work for you so you can still cut the material easily even if you are in an awkward position such as on a ladder or underneath a sink.:

    Product Description

    This Japanese Crosscut Pull saw cuts through any wood or plastic, like a knife through butter. It is true craftsmanship yet is tough and so easy to use. It's specially hardened teeth are sharpened on three sides and give the smoothest cut whether you are pruning a branch or doing work around the home. It cuts material on the PULL stroke and therefore takes far less effort than an ordinary saw. Almost anyone can use it and it is so versatile. Whether you are a professional landscaper or builder or an occasional DIYer you will love this product and it will last for years.


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