Plasmavironments DVD - Fireplace, Waterfall, Ocean all with sound

Product Description

Turn ANY TV into a virtual Fireplace, Waterfall or Ocean view window! The Plasmavironments™ DVD is the Fireplace DVD that gives you more than just a fireplace.

The DVD includes a natural log fireplace, a steady loopable gas fireplace and several "Malibu to Maui" ocean and waterfall scenes, plus four Dolby Digital® soundtracks including Christmas music, the natural crackling of the fireplace or a relaxation soundtrack!

The Plasmavironments™ DVD replicates the look of a real fireplace without the mess of ash and soot. For a warmer, summertime feel - select the tropical waterfall or ocean view. Perfect for those bigger 42 inch to 65 inch wall mounted Plasma & LCD flat screen TVs. They'll turn your flat panel TV into a virtual window


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